My pricing is based on square inches.  Take the width x length of your quilt top in inches to get the square inches.

My turn around time depends on what you want done.  Simple edge to edge is generally completed in less than 3 weeks.

Custom quilting takes longer.  The time of year can also impact return times, i.e. holidays, quilt show season.

Simple edge to edge design, pattern that goes across the quilt top in an allover design starts at .0175 cent/sq in.


I carry the following batting:  Hobbs 80/20 Blend, Pellin Legacy 80/20 Blend, Pellon Legacy Black 70/30 Blend, Hobbs Wool, Quilters Dream Cotton, Quilters Dream Poly Select


At the Farm, Pat R.

Mary Alsop

Prairie Quilting, LLC

Eden Prairie, MN

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